American's acquisition strategy is the following:

Off-Market, Value-Add, Apartment Deals 

in the Chicago Suburbs.

Special Value-Add Situations: 

Aggregations, Reconsolidations, Deconversions, and Repositionings

American works exclusively with institutional partners.

Off-Market, Value Add

Off-Market.  American focuses specifically on off-market deals. 

American sources deals through its proprietary process, unique in the industry.

American invests as an LP and as a GP, and typically partners alongside an institutional Joint Venture partner.  

Value Add. American focuses only on properties with clear, demonstratable value add characteristics. This only includes properties where specific renovations can yield specific and demonstrated rent increases.

Specific Location Focus

American focuses on properties only in specific suburbs where American has identified: 

(1) outperforming population growth 

(2) outperforming job growth 

(3) a diverse and strong set of Fortune 500 employers within typical commute driving distance of the property

(4) net corporate moves and headquarter moves to the area 

(5) significant barriers to entry for any potential new apartment product 

(6) a track record of a dynamic where a strong market, combined with these barriers to entry, characterize the location.

Value-Add situations

American and its execution team are known as the best in the industry, for complex, deep value add acquisitions, including de-conversions from condos to apartment communities, as well as reconsolidations, repositionings, and thorough rebrandings.

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